Radziki Duże – St Catherine’s Church


   Parish church of St. Catherine was built at the turn of the 14th/15th century, in a village first recorded in 1384, which was then the property of Dobrzyń castellan Andrzej of the Ogończyk coat of arms, the ancestor of the Radzikowski family. The church itself was first recorded in documents in 1448. It was renovated in 1887, 1906 and 1955. During the 19th century among others the gables of the eastern and western facades were rebuilt.


   The medieval church was a modest Gothic building built of bricks in a Flemish bond on a stone foundation, located on a small hill. A rectangular aisleless interior was created, with a sacristy attached to it from the north and a porch from the south. The external facades were surrounded by single-step buttresses in the corners. The windows were had pointed arches, just like the western and southern entrance portals. The interior of the nave and the architecturally not separated chancel were not vaulted. The sacristy was covered with a barrel vault.

Current state

   Although the church has retained its Gothic spatial layout and shape to this day, it has undergone thorough transformations in the early modern and modern period. Both gables, windows and the western portal have lost their original form. The pointed arch portals have been preserved in the sacristy and in the porch. The oldest piece of equipment is a Gothic crucifix from the second half of the 14th century.

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