Radziki Duże – castle


The castle in Radziki was erected in the years 1405-1466. It belonged to the family of Ogończyk, who in time began to use the name Radzikowscy. In 1510 the rebuildung of the castle was made by Mikołaj Radzikowski. It belonged to this family until the middle of the 16th century. Later it was owned by Pilecki, then Rolicz Tarnowski family. After the Swedish invasion in the seventeenth century lost its significance and in the nineteenth century was already a ruin.


The castle was built of brick on a stone foundation, with a square layout of side about 29 meters long. It consisted of a peripheral wall and a main one-story residential house with three square rooms. On the axis of the south-eastern curtain, in front of the house, there was an gatehouse, extended from the front of the walls. In the courtyard there were probably other wooden buildings. Originally, the castle was protected by the moat watered from the pond.

Current state

The castle is in the form of an advanced ruin. The best preserved building elements are the walls of the main residential building, but internal divisions have not survived. At present the ruins are located in a fenced-in school, which may make sightseeing difficult.

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