Radruż – orthodox church of St Paraskeva


   The church of St. Paraskeva was built in the fourth quarter of the 16th century. Its founder was probably in 1583 starost Jan Płaza. In 1743 church was in poor condition and needed serious reparations. Renovation works were carried out in the third quarter of the 18th century. At that time, the belfry, originally built over the porch, was dismantled, arcades were rebuilt and a free-standing belfry was erected. Around 1825 the church was surrounded by a stone fence that replaced the timber one. Further repair work on the site was carried out in 1832 and 1845. In 1927 the liturgical vents in the iconostasis were repaired and minor repairs were made. In 1944, after the displacement of the Ukrainian population, the orthodox church was abandoned and gradually fell into ruin. It was only during the years 1959-1960 that protection work was carried out, and in 1964-1966 a major renovation of the temple and other elements of the church was carried.


   The Orthodox church is a late-Gothic log structure, built on a three-squared plan. The highest and widest part is a two-storey nave, topped with a quadrilateral dome with a shingle lantern. The lower chancel and the porch have gable roofs. Roofs and walls are covered with shingle. Around the church there are extensive arcades supported by pillars. Once there was a small bell tower upon the porch. On the wall of iconostasis and presbytery, polychromy painted directly on the wood in 1648, has survived.
The freestanding timber bell tower is located on a square plan. It is a two-storey building with an overhanging porch with an open gallery. In the ground floor there is a large and high shingle apron covering the bottom of the building. The roof at the bottom is pyramid, four-sided, in the upper reaches into a pyramid, eight-sided roof. The bell tower was erected in a log-pole structure.

Current state

   The orthodox church in Radruż is one of the oldest and best preserved timber church buildings in Poland. It is on the prestigious World Monuments Fund, which includes priceless objects, worth of rescue and financial support. In 2013 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Since 2010, the complex of church buildings is a branch of the Museum of Kresy in Lubaczów.

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