Radom – St Wenceslas’ Church


   The wooden parish church of St. Wenceslas was erected in 1216 from the foundation of prince Leszek the White. At the end of the 13th century, a brick church was erected here, first expanded in the 14th and later in the 16th century. In 1802 the church was converted by the Austrian authorities into a flour store. Then there was a military magazine and a prison. After a few more changes in the function of use, in 1978 the object was hand on to the episcopal curia and reconstruction began.


   Originally it was an aisless building, which is the current chancel of the church measuring 9×15 meters. From this period, five pointed oval windows and three buttresses have preserved. In the 14th century a nave of the size of 10,5×15,5 meters was added, unsymmetrical to the chancel. On the south side it is built in the wall line, while on the north side it is extended about 1.5 meters outside. Nave had six buttresses, and between them was a pointed window. In the 16th century the western wall of the nave was rebuilt. It was decorated with a unique decoration in the form of a belt composed of niches and hearts. At the same time, on the north side, a vestry and a treasury were added, while from the south was added a porch.

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