Raciborowice – St Margaret’s Church


The church was erected in the years 1460-1476. In the first half of the 15th century, a famous preacher, Paweł from Zator, functioned as a parish priest in Raciborowice. He raised the chancel before 1460 and started building the sacristy. Further construction work has been carried out since 1470 by a Cracow canon and chronicler Jan Długosz, which the chapter gave Raciborowice. A nave and porch was erected on the north side and the chancel vault was built. At the same time a belfry with a brick and stone floor and a top of wood was built. Over the course of five centuries, the body of the temple has not undergone any changes. The church was renovated several times and was subjected to conservative treatment.


The church is a one-nave building with a simple ended chancel, covered with a rib vault. The rectangular nave is covered with a ceiling. The walls of the church and the reinforcing buttresses were built of bricks, and the pedestals and architectural details of the stone. On the north side, the thick wall of the nave houses the stairs to the choir and the vestry is at the side of the chancel. The brick walls are decorated with zendrówka, which are heavily burnt bricks and decorative friezes on the western façade. The main entrance to the church is framed by a stepped portal with the Wieniawa coat of arms visible.

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