Rąbiń – church of St Peter and Paul


   The church was built at the turn of the fifteenth and sixteenth century, in place of an earlier XIII-century, romanesque temple, from the remains of which, drew its own building material. In the mid-sixteenth century, the facade was crowned with a high gothic-renaissance gable, and in 1648 two chapels were added to the church. The neo-gothic presbytery was added in 1904-1905.


   The late-mediaeval church consisted only of a rectangular nave, without an externally separated chancel. Most of the façade of the church was not plastered, but it was topped with gothic gable decoration. A similar decoration achieved the eastern gable. The outer walls are supported by medieval buttresses. From the oldest, romanesque church there is a fragment of the northern wall of the nave, made of granite blocks.

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Website zabytek.pl, Kościół pw. śś. Piotra i Pawła Rąbiń.