Pyrzyce – Our Lady of Sorrows Church


   The temple was built after 1260, as the monastery church of the Augustinian sisters, funded by Margaret, wife of prince Barnim I. In the 16th century it was destroyed by fire and slowly dilapidated. At the end of the century was rebuilt, but already in the seventeenth century again was completely ruined. In the second half of the 19th century, the building was renovated and expanded. During World War II the church was burned during the battle for the town. Reconstruction occurred in 1989-1991.


   The church was erected as a rather modest early gothic building, brick in monk bond on a stone pedestal. The temple is orientated, built on a rectangular plan. It has pointed, two-light window openings, and in the east and west walls, large, two-story, three-light windows. The church is covered with a gable roof, based on gables decorated with ogival blendes. There are no vaults in it, which indicates no buttresses. Originally it was covered with an open roof truss, because high windows in the shorter façades of the church cut high into gables. The interior was probably single-space, although due to the considerable width of the building (almost 10 meters) it can not be ruled out that the rafters of the roof truss were supported by wooden pillars.

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Website, Kościół Matki Bożej Bolesnej w Pyrzycach.