Puck – St Peter and Paul Church


    The present church of St. Peter and Paul in Puck was built between 1330 and 1400 on the site of earlier temple. They point to this, among others, the stone foundations of the pillars from the 13th century. By the end of the 14th century the chancel was built, and perhaps the tower. After 1400, works were continued at the tower, which topped with a characteristic arcade frieze. The walls of the northern aisle and the northern chapel were also erected. Further work was interrupted by the outbreak of the Thirteen Years War, during which the northern elevation of the church was destroyed. After the war ended, further masonry works were continued, finally completed in the last quarter of the 15th century. In their course were erected the three-nave corpus of the church and the south chapel, which was added to the existing tower. The chapel of St. Anne and the northern sacristy were also built. Probably at the same time the tower was raised of one storey.
In the years 1556-1589 church was in lutheran hands. Perhaps the interior decorations of the church was than removed, because in our time, except for the bell and the font of the 13th century, almost nothing from the medieval furnishings of the church survived. After the temple was restored to the Catholic community, renovation work was carried out. In 1597, the Puck starost Ernest Wejher founded a chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was placed in a low room, on the south side of the church tower. At the end of the sixteenth century it was elevated and stellar vaulted. Probably at the end of the sixteenth century a chapel of the Holy Cross was also established near the church. It belonged to the councilors of the city of Puck. Its interior, like the interior of the Wejher chapel, was overlaid with a stellar vault. Around the middle of the 17th century brickwork was performed in the chancel by its two-span vault. In the years 1896-1898 the construction and conservation work was carried out in the temple. Window openings were enlarged, stained glass was added and the floor was replaced. The Second World War practically did not violate the temple, despite the bombardment, the damages were not big.


    The gothic church of St. Peter and Paul is brick, built on a rectangular plan. It consists of a three-nave hall with a magnificent twelfth-sided, eastern gable, a lower chancel and a massive tower. The presbytery is double-span, triangular ended. The tower from the west, has the porch in the ground floor. On both sides of the tower, on the aisles extensions, there are two two-span chapels: Wejherów and baptismal. At the north wall of the church there is the chapel of St. Anna, and Judycki chapel with neo-gothic porch at the southern wall. In the hall interior, the massive pillars support the stellar vaults.

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