Ptkanów – St Giles’ Church


   Catholic church St. Giles dates back to the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. It was built on the site of an earlier temple of the twelfth century, confirmed by an record from 1326. The first known parish priest of Ptaknów was Daniel of Ptaknów, who was recorded as a witness in the act of 1408. In the fifteenth century, the parish was under the care of the heirs of the neighboring villages of Podole and Rosochy. The fortified character was given to the church by the wall, erected in the sixteenth century. After a fire from 1880, it was rebuilt and expanded in 1906-1910 with a neo-gothic porch.


   The church is an aisleless building, orientated, reinforced with buttresses. It is covered by the gable roof. The chancel of the church is ended polygonally and covered with a rib vault. At the top of the front elevation, on the west side, is a stone shield with Grzymała coat of arms.
   The church is surrounded by a 16th century defensive wall. Its outline is an irregular octagon with three towers and three small bastions in the corners. The church belfry, which served as the gatehouse, dates from the same period. Its walls are preserved with fragments of frieze adorned with plant-animal motifs.

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