Przewóz – castle


   The castle could have been built at the end of the 13th or early 14th century, although it is hard to determine whether it was a brick building. Local goods often changed owners. By the middle of the 14th century they were under Brandenburg, and in 1346 Charles IV gave the town and castle in fiefdom to Frederic Biberstein. In 1370 it was incorporated into the Czech Kingdom, and in the years 1413-1472 castle was part of the duchy of Żagań. At that time, prince Baltazar of Żagań died in the castle, starved in a prison dungeon at the behest of his brother prince John II. Later, the Przewóz was ruled by the Saxon princes, the Brandenburg margraves, the von Promnitz and von Schelendorf. The last of them in 1606 recorded the estate to the duke of Żagań Wacław Lobkowitz. The castle was destroyed during the Thirty Years War and probably was not rebuilt later. Around the middle of the 17th century, a part of the building materials from the castle was used to rebuild the town hall, and in 1701 the then owner ordered to dismantle the ruins except the main tower.


   The castle consisted of perimeter walls and a detached tower called Hunger Tower. For its construction, glacial erratic stones were used, from which a plinth was made with a height of 1.8 meters and bricks, used for building higher parts. It has a diameter of 11 meters, wall thickness of 4 meters and height of 22 meters. The original entrance to it was located at the height of the first floor (6 meters above the ground) and accessible either through a ladder or through a footbridge from the height of the perimeter wall. The main residential building was located east of the tower, probably adjacent to two towers from the north and south. The castle was originally surrounded by a moat, but was not connected with the town’s defensive walls, which were located on its eastern side.

Current state

   From the castle only survived a circular tower, standing in a rectangular plateau, where are remains of the old fortress. Access to it is free, but it is not possible to enter the interior of the upper floors.

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