Przeworsk – town defensive walls


   The construction of defense walls in Przeworsk began late, as only in 1512. Their serious destruction and the first dismantling took place in the nineteenth century. Later, the Germans demolished and devastated it during World War II.


   The height of the defensive wall reached about 5 meters. It was topped with a battlement in which there were arrowslits, with a ledge running underneath, which was a support for the guard porch. The circumference of the walls was strengthened by five towers. Three gates led to the town: Łańcut Gate from the north-west, Jarosław Gate from the east and Kańczudzka (Hungary) Gate from the south.

Current state

   Currently, the only existing sections of defensive walls are visible at the basilica of the Holy Spirit and at the monastery church of St. Barbara. In addition, smaller fragments are currently on Kazimierzowska, Kilińskiego, Tkacka, Słowackiego and św. Jana streets. On the longest fragment from the monastery buildings at the basilica to the old gate, the wall with battlement have been preserved. In the further course, up to the belfry erected in the place of the defensive tower, the walls are no longer crenellated and are supported from the inside with three buttresses.

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