Przeworsk – basilica of the Holy Spirit


   The church together with the nearby monastery of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre was founded in 1394 by the owner of Przeworsk, Jan of Tarnów. The exact date of construction is unknown, often given year 1430 is not sure. It is only known that the construction was begun soon after the foundation, and finished before 1472. The brick monastery building was probably built soon after the church was erected.
In the 18th century, a baroque chapel was added to the church and connected with a two-story, covered passage with the monastery. The windows illuminating the nave of the temple were also transformed then. Before the mid-nineteenth century, the monastery’s economic buildings were erected, and the church area was separated from the side of the town by a wall with a gate building.
In 1819, the Miechów monastery was dissolved, which occupied the positions of the provosts in Przeworsk. After the death of the last provost of Przeworsk, in 1846 the parish was taken over by the diocese. A significant change in the appearance of the church was brought by the renovation of the roof, which was significantly reduced in 1845. Also at the beginning of the 20th century, a number of renovation and construction works were carried out at the church. The southern porch was removed, and two neo-gothic annexes were added on both sides of the tower. The roof over the southern aisle was lowered and windows illuminating the nave were changed back to the ogival. Larger conservation work on the complex was carried out in the 1960s and comprehensively since 1998.


   The church was built of brick, partially zendrówka, arranged in cross patterns, and in the tower also rhombic. The foundations, plinth and some architectural details were made of stone. It is a gothic building in the form of a basilica, with a rectangular, three-nave, four-span corpus and an elongated, three-span chancel, pentagonal ended on the eastern side. A sacristy with a treasury adjoins the chancel from the north. On the west side, a four-sided tower with a porch in the grounf floor is added. The original roof of the church almost reached the crown of the tower walls, its traces are visible on its eastern wall. The chancel is reinforced with buttresses. In the upper floor of the arcaded walls, from the south there are four pointed windows, and from the north four pointed blendes. In the chancel and the nave, stellar vaults were used, in the aisles rib and stellar vaults alternations. In the sacristy and treasury, net vaults were made.

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