Prabuty – St Mary’s Chapel


   Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary also called the Polish church was erected by the bishop of Pomezan Jan I Moench in the years 1378-1402. The temple was located in the suburb, outside the city walls. The name was taken from the fact that the service was devoted to the Polish people who could not live in the city. In 1412 bishop Jan II Ryman confirmed the independence of the chapel as a parish church, and at the end of the 15th century bishop Jan IV gave the church to the Carmelite Order of Gdańsk.


   The building was erected in the Gothic style. Its eastern gable has an openwork wall with circular openings and three blind recesses and a window. The west gable has a wall with four recesses and small two-light wondows on the left and right. There is a tower next to it, built on an octagonal plan with a form similar to a defensive tower. Both gables are decorated with slender pinnacles. The interior of the chapel was covered with a flat wooden ceiling.

Current state

   To this day, the chapel has retained its Gothic shape and some of the original architectural details, including the gables. Unfortunately, most of the windows have been enlarged and transformed. Today, the interior of the building is covered with a polychrome wooden ceiling from the 18th century.
   At present, there is a Chamber of Remembrance in the chapel, where you can see everyday objects, old agricultural and craft tools, military, numismatic collections, and works by local artists.
The chapel is open during the summer.

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