Prabuty – city defensive walls


The defensive walls of Prabuty were erected in the 14th century. Since the 18th century the neglected fortifications were gradually dismantled.


Three gates led to the city: Kwidzyń Gate, also known as Hospital Gate, High Gate and Royal Gate. There was also a wicket gate in the western part of the wall, sometimes called the Pot Gate. The Kwidzyń Gate is brick and is based on a square plan with a side of about 8,5 meters. Its facades are decorated with plastered blendes. Below is a pointed arch with a groin vaulted crossing.

Current state

To this day, the only survivable element of the medieval fortifications of Prabuty is the Kwidzyń Gate and the eastern part of the gothic wall adjoining it. In the gatehouse there is a room with an exhibition of souvenirs, paintings, prints and decorations related to the history of Prabuty and the second room with collections and model of the former bishop’s castle.

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