Poznań – St Martin Church


   The construction of a brick temple, which was a parish church for the then settlement of St. Martin, began in the 14th century. The chancel was built first and the nave was built until the middle of the 16th century. In 1657, the church was burnt by the Brandenburg army. Rebuilt in the following years, it was also enlarged with a baroque tower. However, it was demolished in 1745, because it threatened to collapse. Another tower was built during the major renovation of the church in 1925-1929. The fourth nave was added to the corpus of the temple at the same time. During the fighting in 1945 the church was seriously damaged, but the reconstruction in 1949-1954 restored the temple to its late gothic forms.


   The church is a gothic, three-nave building in the form of a pseudo-basilica with a central nave higher than the aisles, but without its own windows. The interior of the temple was covered with a stellar vault. Inside, the most interesting monument is the altar in the form of a triptych depicting the life of Saint Catherine, from 1498 from the cemetery church in Świerzawa in Lower Silesia and a wooden polychrome sculpture of Madonna with Baby Jesus from about 1510 located in the southern aisle.

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