Poznań – St Margaret’s church


The church existed in the first half of the 13th century, but the present gothic body of the temple was built in the 15th century. Shortly thereafter, the sacristy, the tower and the chapel of St. Barbara were added. Chapel of St. Philip was erected from the south around 1650. Devastated during the Swedish wars, the church was rebuilt in 1658. In the years 1671-1805 it was in the hands of the Filipinos priests. After dissolution the church was taken over by the archdiocese parish. In the years 1946-1947 a thorough refurbishment was carried out, during which part of the medieval details were unveiled.


The church is a single-nave building with a three-sided presbytery and a tower with no topp and with no buttresses. There are two pointed, early gothic portals dating back to the first half of the XIII century. The third portal leading to the nave is slightly younger. Above the tower you can see a medieval, stepped gable with slender blendes. The interior is covered with a late-gothic stellar vault.

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