Poniszowice – St John the Baptist Church


    The church was built in 1404 on the site of an earlier temple destroyed by a gale. In 1570, near the church, belfry was built. The object was used by Protestants in the first half of the 17th century. In the years 1640-1650, after returning to the Catholic church, it was renovated and new altars were purchased. Subsequent changes brought about the extension in the years 1691-1692, chapel of St. Joseph was added. In 1775, the church underwent major renovation and modernization, then outside arcades were added. In 1844, a new music choir was added in the western part of the nave, and in 1852 a collector’s lodge over the sacristy. In 1882, the church was enriched by colorful polychromes by Kusber from Gliwice. The object was renovated many times, in 1908 a comprehensive restoration of the temple was carried out, and six years later, the arcades were boarded. Another major refurbishment took place in 1982 and in 2011, when the arcades were dismantled and then rebuilt. In 2012, new foundations were laid and the chapel was reconstructed.


    It is an orientated temple, built in a log structure on a stone-lime foundation. It consists of a square nave to which from the north adjoins the five-sided chapel of St. Joseph and a rectangle, three-side ended, narrower presbytery from the east, to which the sacristy adjoins from the north. The chancel adorns the eaves canopy and the square nave circulate arcades. Originally the nave was separated by two octagonal pillars. The main part of the church is covered with a sloping, double-pitched, gable roof. In the western part roof also covers the sacristy.
    The separate bell tower was built on a square plan with a pole structure and topped with a porch and an octagonal pyramid helmet.

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