Płonina – Castle Niesytno


   The castle was probably built in the second half of the 14th century. It was mentioned for the first time in 1432, in the letter of the bishop of Wrocław, Konrad Oleśnicki, to the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. At that time it was the property of knight Henry Czyrna, who cooperated with the Hussites and engaged in robbery. In 1455 the castle was conquered and partially destroyed by the townspeople of Świdnica. In the 1530s, the members of the von Zedlitz family took possession of the castle, who, around 1545, started the construction of a new, renaissance mansion. From the middle of the 16th century the old castle was probably used only for storage and economic purposes.


   The medieval castle consisted of a polygonal tower with a spur, occupying the culmination of the rock. Functioning as a keep, it consisted of two floors and two basement levels, partly in the rock. It was equipped in the interior in the so-called a warm room, a vast interior covered with timber as a insulation. The entrance to the first floor led through a timber gallery, mounted on brackets to the walls of the tower. A trace of it, in the form of a row of holes, after the removed beams, is still visible today.
   On the western side tower was surrounded by the stone circuit with entrance to the narrow zwinger and to the basement. From the east to the tower was added the three-storey residential complex on the plan of the letter L. It consisted of two ranges: southern, combined with two vaulted chambers, one of which was partially carved in the rock, and the northern range with beam ceilings and rectangular windows, housing two large halls, one of which was perceived as the main representative chamber. The castle chapel was probably in the bay window, formerly at the south wall.

Current state

   Until today, the main tower up to the fourth floor, large fragments of walls of residential ranges and relics of 17th-century bastion walls have been preserved. Since 2010, the castle has been private property. In 2012, work began on the clearing and reconstruction of a residential building in the medieval castle.

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