Pasym – St Barbara’s Church


   The construction of the church began around the last quarter of the 14th century and was completed before 1391. In the 15th century, an adjoining tower was added to it. From 1525, the church belonged to the Evangelical-Augsburg congregation. It was restored after the fires of 1583 and 1750. After the latter, the tower was lowered by one storey and covered with a domed helmet, the walls were reinforced with buttresses, and the old vault in the nave was replaced with a new barrel vault. The southern porch was also rebuilt.


   The late Gothic church was built of bricks on a stone foundation, on a rectangular plan, as an aisleless building with a sacristy on the north side, a porch on the south side and a four-sided tower on the west. The nave of the church was originally not reinforced with buttresses, while its facades had ogival windows. It was covered with a gable roof consisting of tiles. According to written sources, the interior of the nave was originally supposed to be topped with a stellar vault, which would mean that the church was initially a three-aisle hall.

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Website, Kościół ewangelicko-augsburski w Pasymiu.