Pasym – St Barbara’s Church


The construction of the church began in 1350 and was completed in 1391. In the fifteenth century, adjacent bell tower was added. Since 1525, the church belonged to the congregation of Evangelical-Augsburg. It was restored after the fires of 1583 and 1750. After that, the tower was lowered by one storey and covered with a domed helmet, the walls were reinforced with buttresses, and the old wooden vault in the central nave was replaced with a new vault. The south porch has also been rebuilt. Unchanged, the building survived to modern times.


The late gothic church was built of brick on a rectangular plan. This is a one-nave, aisleless building with a vestry on the north side and a south porch. The body of the temple is buttressed, and in its facades are the pointed windows. The church is covered with a gable roof made of tiles. On the west side is a wide, massive tower erected from brick on a stone foundation. The church has gothic stalls from the late fifteenth century.

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Website, Kościół ewangelicko-augsburski w Pasymiu.