Pasłęk – St Bartholomew’s Church


   Presbytery of the church of St. Bartholomew was erected in the early 14th century. Around 1350 a nave was built, as well as a bell tower. From the beginning of its existence until 1525 the temple served the Catholics. Then, as a result of the Reformation, it was taken over by Evangelicals. In 1543 a great fire broke out. Church was rebuilt in the second half of the 16th century. The body was gothic, but the interior was decorated with baroque decor. The southern porch also comes from this period.
In 1751 the church was refurbished. Old walls were left untouched. The upper windows were enlarged and new ones were made at the bottom, three pairs of gothic pillars were removed, and the earlier gypsum ceiling was replaced with a wooden one. The church was also covered with a new roof and the stairs leading to the tower were pulled down.
After the fire of 1752, the tower was covered with a pyramid roof with a baroque lantern. In 1851, the buttresses were added to strengthen the walls of the church, and in 1869 another renovation was carried out. In 1922 the fire destroyed the church tower again. During the reconstruction, the tower’s crowning was turned from baroque into the pyramid. Since 1946 the church has served the Catholics again. In the mid-1970s, a number of renovations were carried out in the church, among others the lower windows were walled, the blendes were plastered, new floors were laid and roofs repaired.


   It is a one-nave building, hall, erected on a rectangular plan with internal dimensions 29 to 18 meters. Its south-west corner is adjacent to a three-storey tower on a square base. It is decorated with blendes and topped with a slender helmet. The church has a short and narrow chancel which leads through a single door with a rosette and a humble gothic portal.

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