Paluzy – church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


   The church in Paluzy began to be built shortly after the location of the village in 1345, it is known that it existed already in 1355. Its consecration was made by bishop Henry Vogelsang in 1409, dedicating it to the Holy Cross, Mother of God, Saint Catherine and All Saints. In 1890, the church was extended, its nave was lengthened and a new chancel with sacristies was added. The re-consecration of the temple was made by bishop Andrew Thiel in 1896.


   The church was erected as an orientated, aisleless building on a rectangular plan, made of brick on a stone foundation. Originally, it did not have an external chancel separated from the nave, and the eastern part ended in a straight wall. From the north, the sacristy was added, from the south a gothic porch, and from the west a slim, square in plan, a three-story tower. Its individual floors are decorated with ogival blendes, which are separated by plastered friezes. A round blende was placed above the portal of the under-tower porch, and the whole was topped with a gable roof and stepped-pinnacle gables. In the walls of the nave, the windows and portals have straight, ogival forms. The southern wall and the porch are decorated with two blendes and a plastered sub-ceiling frieze. The western wall of the nave, the porch and the sacristy were topped with stepped-pinnacle gables with blendes and friezes. The nave and the porch were covered with a timber ceiling, and in the former sacristy there is a rib vault.

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