Paczółtowice – church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


   The timber church in Paczółtowice was erected around 1515 on the initiative of one of several co-owners of the village. The tower was built several years later and was transformed into its present shape in the 18th century. The temple was renovated in the years 1671-1681, by a stonemason and carpenter from nearby Dębnik, Adam Negowicz. During the restaurant the church was underbricked, covered with a new roof, interior was renovated and whole site was walled. At the end of the 19th century, a sacristy and a porch were added.


   The church was built in a log technique of fir wood in the late Gothic style. The tower was built of oak wood. It received a square nave and a chancel narrower than it, which was closed on three sides in the east. Both parts were covered with a common ceiling and a steep, shingled, gable roof with a joint ridge. A tower built in a pole technique was added to the nave from the west, a porch from the south, and a sacristy adjoining the chancel from the north. The tower has a square shape in plan, with a porch in the ground floor with slightly sloping walls. The walls of the nave, presbytery and tower are boarded vertically. Inside, the nave and the presbytery were separated by a pointed-arch from the time of the construction of the church, and communication was ensured by two Gothic portals with a crowning in the so-called ogee arches.

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