Otmęt – castle


   The castle was probably built in the fourteenth or fifteenth century on the initiative of the family of Strzela, the owners of Otmęt. In 1514, Otmęt acquired Łukasz Buchta from Buchtitz of the Odrowąż coat of arms and a year later rebuilt the medieval castle into a renaissance noble residence. In early modern times, it belonged to many Silesian families and was repeatedly transformed. For the last time it was rebuilt into a palace in the 18th century. Already in 1723 building materials were taking from the castle to build a church. In the 19th it was in ruins.


   The castle probably consisted of perimeter walls on an irregular polygon plan with a one-story main house standing next to the north wall, with the second southern building and with a gatehouse located from the east. In the first half of the 16th century, a semicircular bastion was added from the west.

Current state

   Small fragments of the former castle have survived to our times. We can see the relics of residential buildings, the ruins of the gatehouse and the remains of the perimeter walls with the bastions erected outside.

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