Ostrzeszów – castle


Written sources connect the rise of the castle with the 14th century and king Kazimierz the Great. Built in the center of the powiat with significant independence, it was an object with both defense and administrative functions. In the first half of the fifteenth century, the castle was expanded. In 1553, the Ostrzeszów starosty was established here. In the 17th century, after the destruction during the Swedish invasion, the castle was rebuilt, however, it did not change the character of the object. In 1755, the starost Antoni Stadnicki, cleaned up the chambers used to store court files, built a new bridge and cleaned the moat. Maybe then in the south-east a new square-shaped building was erected at the corner. At the end of the eighteenth century, the castle deteriorated, and in the nineteenth century was partially demolished.


The castle was a four-sided foundation on the plan of a regular rectangle measuring 27×39 meters. In the corners, it was reinforced with buttresses. A tower was erected in front of the southern curtain, up to a height of 11,5 meters quadrilateral, and above an octagonal one. Currently, it has seven storeys and a height of 23 meters. To the east there was a gateway, and on the axis of the gate a long house. The residential building had a basement and two or three floors. Probably in the fifteenth century, a single-room house was added to the western wall of the tower, reinforced with a corner buttress.

Current state

Fragments of the perimeter wall and the huge main tower of the castle have survived to this day. Restored and adapted for museum and exhibition purposes, it is also a lookout point from which you can admire the panorama of the city. In the castle courtyard, on the other hand, outdoor events are organized.

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