Ostróda – St Dominic’s Church


   The first sacral building in this place was the Cistercian missionary chapel, destroyed during the Prussian uprisings against the Teutonic Knights. At the beginning of the fourteenth century, the knights built in its place a church in early gothic style.
   The current church was erected in 1330-1351. This building has been destroyed, rebuilt and expanded many times over the centuries. It was the first time after the fire of the city in 1400. In 1788, the church was destroyed due to a fire burnt by the explosion of gunpowder in the castle. Reconstruction lasted until the early nineteenth century. During this reconstruction, major changes were made to the church’s silhouette as well as its decorations. At that time, a building in the classical style was created, which has survived to the present. The temple was burnt again in 1945, only the perimeter walls and a burnt tower without a roof have survived. In the years 1981-1982, the nave was rebuilt and a presbytery was added.


   It is an orientated, one-nave church, made of brick on a high stone foundation. It was erected on a rectangular plan with a tower located on the western side. It is built on a square plan, buttressed at the corners, covered with pyramid roof and tiles. Under the tower there is a gothic, pointed portal and above it two small pointed windows. In the wall thickness were placed a tunnel staircase to the tower with the entrance to the church.

Current state

   Gothic features only have a tower, the nave has been rebuilt in the neoclassical style.

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