Ośno Lubuskie – St Gertrude’s Chapel


   The chapel was built in the 15th century outside the town walls, in the Frankfurt suburbs, as part of a hospital complex. Earlier, there was an older framework structure in its place. During the Reformation the chapel was taken over by Protestants. From the chronicle of 1693 it is known that in the seventeenth century only the chapel survived from the hospital complex, after it burnt during the Thirty Years’ War. At that time, a cemetery was marked out around the chapel, which served as the main necropolis of the town since the 18th century. The chapel has survived to this day in almost unchanged condition.


   Late Gothic chapel of St. Gertrude is orientated, made of brick, founded on a rectangular plan with a three-side ended the eastern part, with the presbytery not distinguished from the nave. The solid nave, reinforced with buttress, is covered with a gable roof, bend over the presbytery. The windows and the door portals are ended with a pointed arch, with brick, moulded jambs. The western gable is articulated with high blendes and topped with pinnacles. Inside there is a wooden ceiling.

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