Odechów – church of Annunciation of the Virgin Mary


   The Gothic church in Odechów was erected in the years 1459-1460 from the foundation of the chronicler Jan Długosz, in place of the earlier wooden one, from the beginning of the 15th century. Unfortunately, in the years 1911-1913, it was extended and now the medieval monument is the arms of the transept of the neo-gothic basilica. Two stone, pointed portals were also used from the old building, transferring them to the new vestibule at the sacristy and to the tower.


   The church built by Długosz was orientated and consisted of a rectangular nave, a narrower and lower presbytery, and a sacristy attached to its northern wall. The church was buttressed and was made of red brick with the addition of zendrówka bricks. The pedestal part was crowned with a brick frieze. The steep, triangular top of the west façade was decorated with 5 lancet niches. Below them was a round window illuminating the choir, and stone, pointed portal of the main entrance. The lower and narrower presbytery top had only 3 niches, and the lower window was pointed. The interiors were covered with beam ceilings. Above them stood steep, gable roof. The original 15th-century gothic baptismal font has been preserved.

Current state

   Unfortunately, the historic, medieval church is now embedded in a modern building, which partially destroyed its northern and southern walls. Only the portals that were in the original parts of the walls, before their demolition, were moved to the newly created part: the tower and vestibule at vestry.

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