Nieszawa – St Hedwig’s Church


   The present church in Nieszawa was erected in the years 1460-1468. In 1592, a tower was added and a chapel at the chancel. The church has been renewed several times, among others at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries the chapel at the presbytery was vaulted. Another chapels were added to the nave: in 1637 from the north chapel of St. John the Baptist, and in 1705 from the south chapel of the Virgin Mary. After 1721, the church tower was renovated, the founder of which was the castellan of Brześć-Kujawy. A thorough renovation of the church took place in the years 1951-1955, included among others, the liquidation of the apparent vault of the 17th century in the nave and the roof truss.


   The church in Nieszawa is a late-Gothic building, orientated, made of bricks, with a Flemish bond. The two-bay chancel is ended with a straight wall, with an annex from the north, housing the chapel and the sacristy. The wider and higher nave is three-bay, has added chapels from the north and south. From the west side there is a square, 30 meter high tower with stairs in the thickness of the northern wall.

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