Nielubia – St Michael’s Church


   The church was mentioned for the first time in 1323. In the fifteenth century it was enlarged with a tower and sacristy and covered with vaults.


   The church has the form of a aisleless building with a rectangular chancel, narrower than the nave, and a four-sided tower on the west, as well as a sacristy built on the north-eastern side. The perimeter walls of the nave and the chancel of the church were made of erratic stones, while the tower and the eastern gable were built of bricks in the Flemish bond with the use of a diamond-shaped zendrówka. Gothic pointed portals led to the interior in the western wall of the tower and in the passage from the porch under the tower to the nave. The eastern gable of the presbytery is richly decorated with blind niches and pinnacles.

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