Niedźwiedź – St George’s Church


   The chancel of the present church of St. George in Niedźwiedź was built at the end of the 13th century. It certainly existed before 1311-1313, when the parson Nibawar appeared on the document as a witness. In 1312, the right of patronage over the church and the village with 40 fines of income was granted to the Płock bishopric, by way of exchange with the Teutonic Order, for three villages located in Pomesania. A brick nave and a four-sided tower, which turns into an octagon in the upper part, was added in the first half of the 14th century. The temple was destroyed in 1410 and during the Thirteen Years War. It was rebuilt in the mid-15th century. At that time, the chancel was vaulted. After the church was burned down by the Swedish army, it was rebuilt in 1656. In 1904, the chapel of the Mieczkowski family, former owners of Niedźwiedź, was added. Since then, the church has remained in its present shape.


   The oldest part of the church, that is chancel with a two-bay rib vault,  was built of erratic stones. The nave and the tower were built from bricks. The church is an orientated building, built in the Gothic style. It has a single-space, rectangular nave with a 4-storey square tower from the west, passing from the third floor into an octagon, and a two-bay, stone, straight ended chancel with sacristy and a storeroom at the northern wall. Corners of the nave and chancel are buttressed. The western wall of the tower is decorated with a pointed, moulded portal from the first half of the 14th century. The octagonal part of the tower is decorated with an armband frieze and semicircularly closed blendes. The inside of the nave is covered with a flat ceiling from the second half of the 16th century. The oldest medieval monuments of the church are: a granite stoup decorated with a primitive rite from the 14th century and a door to the sacristy.

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