Niedźwiadna – St Stanislaus’ Church


   The original church of St. Stanislaus was built in Niedźwiadna before 1462. The current brick church in the gothic style was erected in the middle of the 16th century. In the second half of the seventeenth century, the temple was consecrated, but it is not known whether it happened as a result of war damage. In 1692, the church was struck by lightning, causing considerable damage, including the destruction of the southern roof. Church was renovated many times, among others in 1708 crowns of walls and cornice were raised, before 1781 a porch was added, and in 1896 and after 1916 window openings were partially transformed. The last thorough restaurant was carried out in 1972-1978 and in 2009.


   The church is a late-gothic building, made of red brick, orientated, aisleless, buttressed, on a rectangular plan. It belongs to a group of late-gothic temples with a plan without a separate chancel. From the north there is a sacristy with a separate treasury. The gables from the east and west are articulated with high blendes topped semicircularly. Perhaps it were created under the influence of the buildings of the nearby Teutonic Order state.

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