Nidek – church of Saint Apostles Simon and Jude


   Church of Saint Apostles Simon and Jude was probably built before 1539. It was probably founded on the site of the previous one, because the local parish was created in 1313. The founder of the temple was the owner of the village, Mikołaj Nidecki. At the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries it belonged to the Calvinists and later to the Arians. Catholics were restored in 1669. The tower was added in 1617 or in 1663. The late-gothic temple has been preserved without major changes since its inception.


   The church is wooden, built on a high stone foundation, erected in a log framed construction, with walls covered with shingles and partially timbered. On the west side, a tower in a pole structure with overhang porch has been added. The chancel, narrower than the nave, is three sides ended, and on its northern side there is a later sacristy. The temple is surrounded by low arcades supported by pillars. The nave and the presbytery are covered with a uniform, steep roof, based on a gothic truss. All roofs are covered with shingle.
Inside, you can admire gothic carpentry details. The hole in the chancel arch has an ogival crowning. Portals from the south and from the presbytery to the sacristy have lintels in the ogee arch shapes. The oldest monument on the church’s equipment is the baptismal font dated to the sixteenth century. 

Current state

    Currently, the church is not used, for the occasion to visit you should ask at the clergy house near a nearby stone church.

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