Namysłów – St Peter and Paul Church


   The first mention of the wooden church of St. Peter and Paul comes from 1278. At that time, the parson was the priest Dietriech, and the patronage over the church was held by the city council. At the beginning of the 15th century, the construction of a new brick church began. The works started in 1401 or 1405. The church with the tower was completed in 1441. It was built within the city’s fortifications, being an integral part of the city’s defensive walls. During the fire in 1483, the temple was partially destroyed. Initially, it was rebuilt temporarily, and its further development lasted until the early 16th century. In 1525, as a result of the Reformation, the church was taken over by Evangelicals who built a sacristy a year later. In 1655, the building passed into the hands of Catholics. In the 17th and 19th centuries the church was renovated and repaired many times.


   It is a late-gothic hall structure, three-nave, 6-span, with three-sided aisles closings from the east. The central nave is wider than the side aisles and more forward. The chancel is not separated from the external corpus of the church. In the northern part there is a three-span sacristy and three chapels between buttresses. From the west side there is a square, four-story tower. It is reinforced with buttresses and its façades are decorated with blendes. From the south, four chapels and a small neo-gothic porch were built. Outside, the church is clasped with buttresses, between which there are ogival, mostly three-light windows.
Inside, the central nave is covered with a four-arm stellar vault, above the aisles there are three-supports vaults. The chapels are covered with rib, net and three-supports vaults. On the bosses of the nave, you can see, among others the head of Christ, the head of Saint John the Baptist, Silesian Eagle, or a shield with a lion. The corbels also have a variety of forms, for exemple in the shape of masks or human heads. The pillars in the western part are rectangular with bevelled corners, while in the eastern part they are on plinths, with profiled corners. The nave is open to the side aisles with ogival arcades, analogous arcades separate the side aisles from the chapels.

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