Namysłów – church of the Immaculate Conception


   The chancel of the church comes from the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and the nave was made in the fifteenth century. The temple was the place of signing the treaty ending the Polish-Czech war, so-called Namysłów Peace from 1348. In the years 1525-1624 during the Reformation period, the church belonged to the Protestants. Wooden galleries preserved to this day were made than. In 1654, it returned to Catholics. In the documents from the visit in 1666-1667, the church wore the call of All Saints. It received the present call after 1854, when the dogma of the Immaculate Conception was established. As a result of war activities of the Second World War the church was partially destroyed. In the period after World War II, the building was rebuilt.


   It is a Gothic building, made of bricks and erratic stones from which the foundation was made. It consists of a rectangular nave and a narrower, also four-sided chancel, to which the sacristy is attached from the north.

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