Namysłów – castle


   The first mention of the castle, probably wooden, dates back to 1312. Around 1360, it was transformed into a brick foundation. Until the sixteenth century, it was a royal property, with a small break at the beginning of the 15th century, when Namysłów for some time belonged to the so-called a prince’s union, created to defend common Silesian interests. In 1439 a settlement was concluded in castle between candidates for the Czech throne: prince Kazimierz Jagiellon , and Albrecht Habsburg. In 1533, it was pledged to the city council, which made its renaissance reconstruction. In the 17th and 18th centuries further construction works were carried out, especially after a fire in 1658 and destructions caused by the Prussian army in 1711. In 1830, the castle became the private property of the German brewer Augustyn Haselbach, whose brewery under the changed name, is still the owner of the castle.


   The castle from the 14th century had an irregular, oval outline, probably referring to older wooden and earth ramparts. It consisted of brick perimeter walls and added to them from the north, one-bay, one-story, three-room main house with a bay window of the chapel attached to it. The gate was located from the east. In 1489, from the east, a small outside courtyard was built with a gatehouse directed towards the city. In the 16th century, the townspeople from Wrocław added a second, narrow castle building to the west.

Current state

   Until today, the castle has been preserved in a quite rebuilt, unified form. It belongs to a private investor who leaves it in a state of total negligence. Sightseeing is possible only from outside.

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