Myślibórz – St John’s collegiate


   In the sixties of the thirteenth century, the first granite church in Myślibórz was built. It was soon destroyed during the invasion of prince Bolesław the Pious in 1271, but in 1298, under the decision of margrave Albrecht III, a collegiate chapter was established at the church.
The current building was erected from stone and brick in the gothic style at the beginning of the 15th century. Already in 1433 it was burned by the Hussites. In 1538, due to the introduction of Lutheranism in Pomerania, the temple became a Protestant congregation. In 1539 the city’s great fire damaged the collegiate church. The destruction was so serious that for about fifty years as the parish church functioned the Dominican monastery church. The collegiate church was rebuilt in the years 1582-93. In 1630 the temple suffered because of the looting of the imperial troops, and in 1655 because of the fire. The reconstruction was carried out in the seventies of the seventeenth century. The pulpit and vaults preserved to this day date from this period. At the beginning of the 20th century, a thorough renovation of the church was carried out.


   The church was built of stone and brick in the gothic style. It is orientated, three-nave, hall with a narrower, straightly ended chancel and a square tower from the west. To the north there are two outbuildings: one at the nave, probably the former chapel, the other at the chancel where the sacristy is located. The western gable and the eastern nave’s gable are divided with pointed and round blendes in a stepped arrangement. The chancel comes from the 16th century. Also from this century comes the temple vaults. The old gothic vaults have not survived. The central nave is separated from the side aisles by two octagonal pillars on each side. The porch under the tower is covered with a rib vault supported by four thick ancillary pillars. In the passage from the porch to the temple, a gothic arcade leads to the nave.
In the walls of the chancel of the present gothic church there are significant parts of the walls of the original romanesque building with a regular arrangement of carefully worked blocks. A archivolite of the romanesque portal has been preserved in the southern wall of the chancel.

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