Myślibórz – chapel of St Gertrude


   Chapel of St. Gertrude was built in the second half of fifteenth century. It stood at the former St. Gertrude hospital and at the hospital’s cemetery, located outside the town walls. In the 16th century it was taken over by the lutheran commune. At the beginning of the 20th century, after a thorough restoration, it was made available to the congregation. It also served as a funeral chapel. Currently, it houses the Art Education Center.


   The chapel was built on the eastern side of the town, close to the defensive walls, but outside their perimeter. It is a Gothic building, orientated, built of brick on a stone pedestal, on a rectangular plan with a three-side ending from the east, reinforced with buttresses. In the western wall there is an pointed portal with a moulded corrugated shaft. Inside the rib vaults are supported on corbels decorated with geometrical motifs and mascarons.

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