Muchobór Wielki – St Michael’s Church


   The origins of the church in Muchobór date back to the fifteenth century. The chancel part was established in 1474-1480, and its performers could be Hans Berthold and Peter Frenczke, who also dealt with other buildings in Wrocław. The principal of the construction of the new church was probably Jan Roth, dean of 1466-1482, who later became the bishop, proteged king of Matthias Corvinus. The next part was the church corpus built around 1485. In 1570, the construction of the last part of the church, that is sacristy, came to an end. At the beginning of the 17th century, a wall with arrowslits was built around the church cemetery. In the years 1912-1916, the nave was extended to the south, thankfully in architectural terms, referring to the original appearance.


   The original, medieval church was a hall structure, one nave consisting of a square nave, a three-side ended chancel, a vestry attached to it from the north and a massive western tower. The vross-rib vault of the nave was based on a slender, spirally twisted pillar, placed in the center of the nave and on the corbels of the human head form. The chancel was topped with a net vault.

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