Moskorzew – St Margaret’s Church


   Church of St. Margaret in Moskorzewo was founded around 1380 by Klemens of Moskorzewo of the Pilawa coat of arms, Chancellor of Poland and castellan of the Wiślica, a trusted man of king Władysław Jagiełło. In the second half of the 16th century, the building was taken over by the Calvinists and later by the Arians. After the Catholics’ recovery, Potoccy family, then local owners, in the period from 1882 to 1906, subjected a thorough restoration. In the course of it, among others, a new chapel was erected on the south side, the highest storey of the tower was rebuilt, the gables were partially reconstructed and the interior was transformed. Fortunately, the restaurant work did not disturb the original character of the building. In the period 1926-1988, as well as in the last decade, the church underwent further renovations.


   The church was built as a brick building in the Gothic form. Originally it consisted of a three-bay nave, a narrower and slightly lower, two-bay chancel and a sacristy on the north side. On the axis of the west façade there was a square four-storey tower erected. The nave and presbytery were reinforced with buttresses. The steep gable roofs of the church were originally covered with shingles.

Current state

   The early modern transformations affected the upper parts of the tower, and from the south, the nave was covered with a chapel. The Gothic character of the church is evidenced by the pointed windows in the southern wall and the bricked-up window with a stone tracery in the eastern wall of the presbytery.  Small circular hollows can be seen in the lower parts of the brick walls of the church. According to local tradition, they were drilled during the consecration of swords by knights, before going on war expeditions or by drilling with a wooden drill during the “spring fire striking” rite. From the original equipment of the temple, an original Gothic iron door with an inscription informing about the foundation and the date 1380 and the coat of arms of Pilawa has been preserved.

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