Moryń – castle


   The castle was built north of the city on the site of an early medieval hillfort on the island of Lake Morzycko, which in time merged with the mainland. Construction of the brick castle Stolzenburg in Moryń is associated with the margrave of Brandenburg Otto V and dated to the third quarter of the fourteenth century. According to Z. Radacki, it served as a marching camp for the March army. At the end of the fourteenth century, it lost his military function and king Zygmunt Luksemburgburski handed over Moryń together with the probably abandoned castle in private hands.


   The castle consisted of stone perimeter walls formed on a plan of a circle with a diameter of about 65 meters. They were built on the former earth ramparts. The gate led from the west. From the south adjoined to it a several-storey building on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 13,5×19 meters. It is known from the preserved records that it was inhabited by seven knights and a burgrave. On the opposite side of the courtyard stood another building, probably a forge, measuring approximately 4,5×7,5 meters.

Current state

   To this day, only fragments of stone walls have remained from the castle, sometimes reaching up to 5 meters. They are located in a private holiday resort area.

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