Morąg – town hall


   The town hall in Morąg was erected around 1360-1380 or, according to other sources, around 1444. In the following centuries, the building was destroyed several times as a result of fires and warfare, however it was rebuilt every time. That was, among others in 1697, 1843 and in 1945. The last renovation of the building took place in 2003-2006.


   It is a gothic building, made of red brick, erected on a rectangular plan with two strongly fragmented gables and a clocktower. A tower with a wooden structure, in the lower parts quadrilateral, above octagonal, is covered with a slender helmet with a lantern. Two pointed portals were placed in the west façade. Windows of similar shape are kept on the ground floor, on the first floor they are closed with a semicircular arch. The walls were topped with stepped-pinnacle gables with pointed blendes. The whole was covered with a tile roof.

Current state

   Despite numerous fires and subsequent reconstructions, the building has retained its original shape and to a large extent, the shape of the façade. Currently it houses a tourist information point, it is also the seat of non-governmental organizations.

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Website, Ratusz w Morągu.