Morąg – St Peter and Paul’s Church


The construction of the parish church in Morąg, about the size of the present nave, was begun in the years 1305-1312. In the forties of the fourteenth century, a presbytery was added to the nave and a tower with vestry located in the ground floor. The walls of the tower were topped with battlement at the time. At the end of the fourteenth century, the nave was enlarged. In 1414 the church survived the Morąg fire as the only building in the city. After 1505, master Matz from Gdańsk closed up the aisles with a diamond vault. Around 1550, wooden galleries were built in the aisles, demolished after the Second World War. In 1807, the chapel of the Mother of God was added from the south, and in 1856, during the renovation, the roof structure was replaced, as well as the door and window woodwork. In turn in 1895 in the nave, the flat boarded ceiling was pulled down and replaced with an apparent gypsum stellar vault. The first users of the temple were Catholics, after 1525 it was used by Evangelicals, and after the Second World War it became the property of Catholics again. In 1948, during the renovation, frescoes were discovered in the church and they were preserved.


The church is a pseudobasilic building, three-nave and three-span, built of brick on a rectangular plan. The church block is adjoined by an octagonal presbytery, as well as a tower erected on a square plan with a height of 35 meters. The tower was topped with pinnacles and covered with a tile roof. The porch adjoins the tower. The side walls of the church are reinforced by buttresses, ended with turrets. Halfway up the walls there is a profiled brick cornice, and above, a plastered band. The window openings have been ended with a pointed arch. In the interior, the aisles were separated from the central nave by four pillars and covered with diamond vaults. The presbytery has stellar vaults. A group of medieval figural paintings survived on the side walls.

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