Mołtajny – St Anna’s Church


   The first mentions of the church in the village of Mołtajny come from 1384. In 1404, a stone temple was mentioned, which was expanded until the end of the 15th century. The tower was raised in the first quarter of the 16th century. From the Reformation to 1945, it was an Evangelical temple, and after the Second World War it was taken over by the Catholic population. In 1989-1991 a thorough renovation was carried out in the church, while in 2009 the tower was restored.


   It is a Gothic, orientated, aisleless church made of erratic stones and bricks. On the north side there is a sacristy and a porch, on the west a square, four-story tower, in the ground floor tied with a nave. The tower is decorated with pointed blendes and shallow niches in the same shape and topped with a pinnacled and stepped roof. Similar gables decorate the eastern elevation, as well as the sacristy and the porch. The nave is buttressed. In individual elevations they are deeply embedded pointed windows. The whole was topped with a gable roof covered with tiles. The nave was covered with a barrel vault, a sacristy with a stellar vault, and in the porch an apparent barrel vault was used.

Current state

   The church, preserved to this day, has concentrated the best features of the local building tradition created in the northern part of the former Barcja region: good proportions, excellent workmanship and rich architectural detail, with a magnificent eastern gable and gables of the porch and sacristy.

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