Mogiła – St Bartholomew’s Church


The first mention of the church appears in the documents in 1329. It was built by the Cistercians for the local population, over which they were pastoral care. In 1466, the church, possibly because of a fire, was erected again. It was built by the royal carpenter Maciej Mączka on the order of the abbot Piotr Hiszberg. Around 1740 a thorough reconstruction and modernization of the church was made. However, the existing gothic spatial and structural layout has not been disturbed. The church received instead the shape of the latin cross, by the addition of side chapels and a two-storey sacristy. The shingle was removed from the bottom part, covered with boarding. In 1839, the side and main vestibule were added.


The building is the oldest timber church in Poland with three naves in a hall layout. It is a gothic temple in a log construction which walls have been vertically boarded. Originally it was all covered with shingle. The presbytery is polygonal ended, a sacristy has been added to it. Two late gothic chapels adjoin the aisles. In the southern aisle, there is an pointed, gothic portal, richly decorated with floral motifs, with the Odrowąż coat of arms and the date of execution 1466.

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