Mingajny – St Lawrence’s Church


    The church of St. Lawrence was erected in the years 1350-1375. It was first restored after the war damage in 1688-1689. In 1717, the tower was renovated, and in the years 1899-1901 the church was rebuilt and enlarged. In the course of extensive work, the nave was raised and vaulted, the tower was raised, the chancel and the wide transept were added. In 1931, the transept gables were rebuilt. The church was damaged at the end of World War II.


   The church was erected as a single-nave building with a four-sided tower on the west side, with a porch and a pointed portal leading to it. In the upper storeys of the tower there are slender niches with windows, and it is covered with a hip roof. A Gothic sacristy was placed at the northern wall of the church.

Current state

   Currently, the church differs significantly from its original shape. The nave and tower are higher, the nave windows are transformed, the presbytery has been modified, and the whole is enlarged by a transept, practically not found in small, village churches from the Middle Ages.

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