Międzyrzecz – St John’s Church


   Church of St. John was erected by the castle’s staroste under the patronage of the Polish king in 1474-1479, perhaps in the place of an earlier temple, mentioned in 1232. In the first stage, the nave of the temple was built, while the chancel with the sacristy, the internal vaults of the church, and the gables of the corpus at the end of the fifteenth century.
The first reconstruction was necessary after 1520, when the city was plundered by the mercenary German army rushing to help the Teutonic Order. In 1545, the chancel received a rich renaissance painting decor from the foundation of Wawrzyniec Myszkowski, the starost of Międzyrzecze. Three years later, the church was handed over to Lutherans, although it continued to be under the patronage of the king. Returned to Catholics in 1604.
The tragedy in the history of the church was a fire in 1824, which consumed part of the roof with a tower and a free-standing belfry. In 1828, the temple was rebuilt, a new roof was made and the interior of the temple was renovated. In 1835, the construction of the tower on the western part of the church roof began, which has survived until today. During the Second World War, the church did not suffer damages.


   The gothic church is an orientated construction, made of brick, a three-nave with a hall layout, with a straight-ended chancel, the sixteenth century sacristy from the north, and an early modern porch and a chapel from the south. It is covered with gable and mono-pitched roofs. The naves are covered with five-span stellar vaults, and the chancel has a barrel vault. Outside, the church is buttressed, and eastern gables decorated with pinnacles, blendes and gargoyles. A low, wooden tower from the 19th century is located above the western part of the corpus.

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