Mątowy Wielkie – church of St Peter and Paul


   The first church in Mątowy was built in the first half of the 14th century, as a small building in a frame structure. In a short time, the original structure was partially enclosed from the outside with a brick wall, partly dismantled and completely replaced with a wall. In the next stage a side aisles, arcades and sacristy were erected. The whole construction process of the temple ended at the beginning of the fifteenth century.
   During the Polish-Swedish wars of 1626-1629 and in 1740 the church was damaged. However, during the Second World War it luckily did not make any major losses. In 2012-2013, façades, roofs and ceilings were thoroughly renovated.


   Gothic, orientated church with two aisles, was erected on a rectangular plan, without a separate chancel. From the west, a massive tower was built on a square plan with an octagonal, timber top floor, from the south there is a square porch and a small rectangular sacristy from the north.
The church is surrounded with buttresses, the nave, the porch and the sacristy are covered with a high gable roof. From the east, the main aisle and the sacristy are completed with gable walls, the side aisle is covered in the additional half-gable, and the gable crown also has a south porch. The brick facades of the nave are decorated with a rather modestly low plinth and a flat, plastered frieze fragmented with pointed windows. The elevations of the tower are decorated on three sides with ogival blendes. The main entrance from the west is ogival two-stepped portal.
In the two-aisle interior, separated by three arches of arcades, supported on two octagonal pillars, wooden ceilings were used. Three Gothic, wooden, polychromed sculptures, a stone baptismal font and an oak sacramentary have survived from the original equipment.

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