Maszewo – Our Lady of Częstochowa Church


   The church was erected from the 13th to the mid-15th century. Its Gothic forms characteristic of the architecture of the urban West Pomeranian foothills, were shaped in two construction phases. In the first, at the end of the thirteenth century, the construction of a stone tower and a nave began. Construction was completed before 1358, because this year the temple was sacrificed. In the second phase, in the first half of the fifteenth century, the nave was rebuilt. Its stone walls were replaced with brick ones, and the interior was divided into three naves in a three-bay arrangement.
   In the years 1604-1741, bells were not used because of the poor technical condition of the tower. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it was rebuilt, and its culmination was added in 1868. During World War II, the Maszewo parish church was partially damaged, it also had a damaged roof, which was repaired in 1945.


   The church is a three-aisle hall building with three bays. The two-bay chancel is slightly wider than the central nave. There is a four-sided tower with an octagonal wooden top facing the west. Outside the church has buttresses, between which there are pointed windows. The total length of the church is 40,8 meters, its width is 20 meters, and the width of the tower is 10,8 meters.
   On the north side of the chancel, the sacristy was erected at the end of the 15th century. It has a square plan, a corner buttress, a window on the north side and a gable with blendes. It is covered with a gable roof, crosswise to the axis of the church.
In the central nave and chancel the vaults are stellar, in the aisles there are rib vaults. The vault’s of aisles were based on four pairs of octagonal pillars, with moulded arcades extended between them. The buttresses are pulled partly into the center of aisles form a kind of wall-mounted pillars. In the recesses there are ogival windows in the moulded frames. The ribs of vaults rest on the pillars and at the walls fall on the corbels and descend to the floor with a single ancillary column. Similarly, the space of a single-bay presbytery, separated from the nave by a semicircular chancel arch, was solved, but the form of vaults, corbels and an ancillary columns is much richer here.

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