Maszewo – town defensive walls


   Lying on the river Stopnica, Maszewo from the 10th to the 12th century was a Pomeranian hillfort and market settlement. The defensive walls in Maszewo began to be erected at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries on the site of earlier wooden and earth fortifications. For their construction obliged the townspeople the then owner of the town, bishop of Kamień, Herman von Gleichen, in a location document from 1268. The long-term undertaking of building fortifications was completed only at the end of the 15th century. In the first stage, stone walls were created, in the fifteenth century they were bricked, and then they were raised. In the 17th century fortifications were partially destroyed losing their defensive functions. In the years 1784-1786, the town council started liquidation of the outer ring of fortifications, covering the moats and planting earthworks, where the gardens were arranged for sale to residents. In the first half of the 19th century foregates were demolished, as well as two town gates. In 1854, a promenade planted with trees was marked out on the former ramparts.


   The walls surrounded the entire area of the old town. Their length was about 600 meters and the height was 5 meters. They were made of granite and ceramic bricks in the upper parts. The stone part was layered, brick parts were in the monk and flemish bonds. The wall was reinforced with half towers. Two gates led to the town: Stargard Gate on the south side and Nowogard Gate on the northern section of the walls. Nowogard Gate was reinforced with a cylindrical tower preserved to this day. Its block consists of two segments: a rectangular in the ground floor and a cylindrical part topped with a conical roof. The interior originally had three usable levels. From the outside, the fortifications were surrounded by a moat and earth ramparts.

Current state

   To this day, fragments of the walls and a cylindrical tower called the French, which used to be part of the defensive group of the Nowogard Gate, have survived. Wall sections are preserved almost on the entire circumference, but significantly reduced compared to the original state.

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