Lwówek Śląski – town hall and gothic house


    The town hall in Lwówek Śląski was built in the middle of the 13th century. It was a two-storey House of Merchants, erected at the market square. In 1480, the tower was added, and in the years 1522-1524 the building was rebuilt under the supervision of the famous master and architect Wendel Rosskopf. In the years 1902-1905, the town hall was enlarged with a commercial arcades and staircase. In 1945, the building was partially burnt and then rebuilt in 1955-1958.
    Right next to the town hall, you can see the gothic tenement of bread and shoemaker stalls. It exists since the end of the 13th century, although the present one dates from the 15th century.


   The original building of town hall was erected on the plan of an elongated rectangle. Currently, it is the western part of the town hall, adjacent to the tower. The building has two floors and high basements and is covered with a steep gable roof with numerous dormers, that is vertical windows on the roof. From the west side there is a tall tower adjacent to the town hall, quadrangular at the bottom, higher cylindrical, and octagonal at the highest part. Eastern and western elevations have a pair of gables. The entrance to the building, located on the eastern side, leads through a late gothic hall, covered with a net vault supported on one pillar.
   The building of bread and shoemaker stalls was erected as a long hall separated in the middle by a courtyard and with wide, ogival gates from the east and west. The crowning was a steep, gable roof.

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